What is a CV /resume builder?

Resume builders or CV Builder are interactive online tools that allow job seekers or professionals to build their resume or CV According to specific templates. Resume or CV template provides employer with Basic information such as work experience, education, skills and hopes

Our resume Builder or CV Builder is free tool that allow job seekers whether they are professional, fresh graduate, students or teenagers to build and distribute their resume (CV) to employers and recruiters.

We are helping job seekers that are struggling tin finding job opportunity whether in their countries or abroad .We kind of make it easy for recruiter to find candidate that suite job qualification and make it easier for HS to highlight candidates before calling them. In addition we are trying to connect job boards and allow all employers that are advertise on other job boards to have chance to search and view candidate videos .Our main objective to simplify job hunting and recruitment process.

What sections should be included in CV or Resume?

Resume or CV template provides employer with Basic information such as work experience, education, skills and hopes

Where can I upload / submit my CV or resume online?

You can upload your CV to our systems by using our CV builder or upload your CV as file, Pdf or word document .As well you can create video resume or CV that allow you to reach employers, HR and recruiters and introduce yourself through a short video.

Some Useful resources:

In addition you can upload / submit your CV /resume to big job boards such as linked in: Where to upload my CV into linked in:


  • Search for a job.
  • Click or tap on a job title to view details.
  • Click or tap the Easy Apply button.
  • Complete the required fields.
  • Under Resume (optional), select Upload resume to upload your resume.
  • Click or tap Submit application when finished.

Where to upload my CV to Monster.com:


  • Join Monster.com. Sign up first if you still don't have an account.
  • Sign in with your username and password.
  • Check the site and read writing tips.
  • Click on "Create a New Resume" or "Submit Resume."
  • Set your resume's search ability.
  • Complete your profile.
  • Submit and share.
Where to upload my CV to Indeed.com:

How to upload and format your resume on Indeed

  • Select the 'upload your resume' button.
  • Choose the file you want to upload.
  • Create a free account on Indeed.
  • Format and edit your resume.
  • Select your desired privacy setting.
  • Download your resume from Indeed.
How to upload my CV on bayt.com
  • Visit http://bayt.com and login into your account
  • Click on "My CV"
  • Fill in the necessary sections in the CV Builder, and click on "Save" depending on whether you want to move on to the next section or add more details in that section itself. CVs built using the Bayt.com CV builder are designed to be very easy for employers to find.
  • Then you can attach your original CV document by clicking on 'Attach original CV' at the bottom of the page.
Where to upload CV on Naukri.com

Login to firstnaukari.com then you can go to leftmost corner to 3 dots click it.

How do I upload a CV resume on Facebook?

Click on the "Upload CV/resume" or "Select file" button on the resume upload page of the service you're using. This will typically bring up an explorer window on your desktop. Navigate to the file you want to upload and click on it. You might be prompted to provide a title for your CV before proceeding.

How to make HTML CV or Resume?

How to make resume or CV in word:

Simply go on Google and search for free word resumes or CV you will find a lot of templates simply open your word and edit them.

How upload your CV/resume through Email?

  • Format your cover letter and CV.
  • Include a subject line in the email message.
  • Write an email message to send with your CV.
  • Add your CV and cover letter to an email message through attachment Icon.

How upload your CV/resume through phone /iPad?

From Google Drive on your lap/desktop, click New > File Upload > select resume in PDF and Word. Momentarily your resume will appear on your android or iPhone. From your phone, you can share it via email or text to recruiters. You should store your resume in both PDF format and MS Word

Where to upload /submit resume/CV in up work?

You don't need to add your resume in your profile everything a client will need to know it's already in your profile, your education, employment history, overview, skills and a profile picture.

Where can I find professional resume builder for free?

There a lot of free resume builder in a lot of countries like indeed, linked, career jet, dice, job rapido and much more .Those Job boards allow you to build and distribute your cv for free .These job board operate in UK, USA , Canada, Australia, Europe and Middle east such Dubai, Qatar Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait.

What distinguish Job Lang CV builder and Resume from other Job board resume builders?

We allow job seekers to shoot 40 second videos that make it easier for recruiter to see whether candidates are suitable and give the job seekers the chance to stand out and get an opportunity for first interview.

Is Joblang platform easy to use?

Our platform serves students, fresh graduate teenagers , professional and experienced people and help them to be found by employers whether they are located in united states, united kingdom, Canada ,Europe ,Dubai and all over middle east

Where Can I found resume builder or CV builder or job portals with no sign up?

Our platform do not need a sign up process.

Importance of CV profile photo?

  • It will help build your brand.
  • It's beneficial for some global job seekers.
  • Hiring managers are drawn to images.

Does our platforms provide free CV resume distribution?

Yes we are connecting with many job boards working in broaden our network in order to help recruiters finding candidates that match their qualification.

So we are working on distributing your resume to recruiters that are currently looking for candidates that match specific qualifications

Can I Upload resume and edit on any Job boards?

Yes all job boards enable you to upload your CV edit and delete your resume at any time.

Best online CV maker/ CV editor online?

Linked In indeed is the best CV maker it gain it popularity as professional networking platforms